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Justia Launches Search Engine Optimization Center & Products

Justia Launches New Search Engine Optimization Center and Product Offerings Designed Specifically for Lawyers and Law Firms

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Justia, a provider of online marketing services for lawyers and law firms, today unveiled the Justia Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Center (, a powerful new information resource and product service offering designed to help legal practitioners strengthen their online presence and visibility.

The Justia SEO Center includes discussions of keyword selection and positioning for law firm Web sites, the optimization of HTML and Web site programming, the ins and outs of establishing link popularity and an analysis of pay-for-placement and pay-for-inclusion search engine and directory listings. Detailed information is also provided on the major Web search engines, consumer Web portals and major legal Web portals and directories. In addition, the Justia SEO Center includes Web site optimization checklists and illustrated examples of optimization techniques specifically tailored for law firms. A free SEO newsletter keeps lawyers up to date on the latest search engine, consumer portal and legal portal changes.

"One of the great benefits of the Internet for lawyers is its power to connect them with thousands of potential clients," says Justia's CEO Tim Stanley. "The Justia SEO Center has been specifically created to help lawyers effectively position themselves and their firms among top search engine results to extend their potential reach and online visibility."

The new SEO Center not only provides free access to the most up-to-date information concerning search engine optimization and strategies, but is also the gateway to Justia's new SEO Premium and SEO Customized service offerings (

"Our objective is to give our users the SEO tools and resources they need on a variety of levels, whether they purchase our services, optimize their site on their own, or use another Web firm for development," says Stanley. "The ultimate goal is to help lawyers connect with potential clients."

Using a multifaceted approach that combines the fields of law, marketing and technology, Justia's SEO Premium and SEO Customized service offerings supply lawyers and law firms with a personalized review and analysis of their Web sites and online marketing strategies, recommendations concerning the optimization of their Web site architecture and keyword content, assistance in creating search engine and Web directory submissions and reports monitoring their search engine rankings and positioning over time.

The Justia SEO Checklist

The Justia SEO Center includes checklists which outline the steps lawyers, legal marketing specialists and Web site administrators need to follow to ensure their law firm Web sites are fully optimized. The seven most important steps are:

1. Develop a list of relevant keywords and phrases related to your law firm's practice.

2. Create a content-rich home page that includes short descriptions of all of your practice areas (no splash pages).

3. Optimize your site's title tags. Make sure your home page title tags include the practice areas and geographic location of your law firm, as well as the words "lawyer" and "attorney."

4. Submit your Web site to the Open Directory Project (

5. Purchase a commercial Web directory listing in Yahoo! (

6. Have a site map with text links to the different sections of your site, and have a link to the site map on every page of your Web site.

7. Use text links for navigation of your site. Do not use drop-down menus, Flash or JavaScript in your site's navigation scheme.

More detailed information on how to optimize a law firm Web site is available in the Justia SEO Center (

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Justia ( is an online platform that provides the community with open access to the law, legal information, and lawyers. Justia includes free state and federal case law, codes, and regulations; legal articles and legal blog databases; as well as community resources. The company also provides internet marketing services for lawyers and law firms, and for educational, public interest, and other socially focused organizations.

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