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Justia Launches Web Sites for Law Firms Services

State-of-the-Art Designs to Help Law Firms Connect with Clients OnlinePALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Justia (, an innovative provider of legal marketing services and resources for law firms, today announced the launch of a state-of-the-art product line of search-engine-optimized Web sites for law firms.

Justia's search-engine-optimized Web site architecture and Web page layout help legal practitioners strengthen their online presence and visibility. As more and more people use the Internet to look for products and services, there is a growing demand from law firms for effective online marketing solutions. Pew Internet Project research underlines the importance of search engines in the lives of Americans, consistently showing the use of search engines to be one of the most popular online activities. For instance, a Pew nationwide survey focused on search engine usage revealed that more than two-thirds of Internet users say they use search engines at least a couple of times each week. To address these needs, Justia's custom- designed Web solutions include the following features:

  • Search-engine-optimized designs and architecture
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards-based XHTML and CSS Web page layouts
  • W3C & US Rehabilitation Act - Section 508 Accessibility Compliance
  • Space for up to 10,000 pages of content
  • Search-engine-optimized domain names
  • 24/7 online updating tools that do not require knowledge of html
  • Enhanced traffic reports for law firms to track and improve performance
  • A secure hosting environment
  • Assistance with search engine and online directory submissions
  • Search engine marketing campaigns on Google and Yahoo!'s Overture

"Justia's search-engine-optimized Web site solutions are designed to provide maximum value for lawyers and law firms," explains Justia's CEO Tim Stanley. "We use the most innovative techniques to help law firms get noticed on the Internet."

Package details and pricing are available at

Justia also offers search engine marketing, practice area content and e-mail services for their Web site solutions clients. Practice center content offerings provide in-depth overviews, articles and FAQs aimed at helping firms educate clients and potential clients on various legal issues and concepts.

About Justia

Justia's mission is to make law and legal resources free for all. The Justia Portal ( offers free access to state and federal case law, codes, statutes, regulations, legal forms, business contracts, and secondary materials, as well as the Justia Lawyer Directory, Justia Ask A Lawyer, Justia Blawg Search, and other databases and community resources. To support these free law initiatives, Justia offers marketing solutions for law firms, including Justia Premium Placements in the Justia Lawyer Directory, law firm websites through Justia Elevate, and PPC management services through Justia Amplify.

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