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New Justia Web Site Enables Consumers to Easily Track Auto Recalls

Auto Recalls Center Provides RSS Feeds for Recalls of Every Auto, Make, Model and Year

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Justia, an innovative provider of legal marketing services and resources for law firms, today announced the launch of a comprehensive auto recalls center ( with free RSS feeds of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration auto recalls for every make, model and year.

The Justia Auto Recalls Center is searchable as well as browsable by vehicle make, model and year. Using an RSS newsreader, or service such as MyYahoo! or My MSN, individuals can keep up-to-date on recalls for their cars.

For example, a car owner may track recalls for a 2004 Honda Accord by visiting the 2004 Accord recalls page at:

Or by subscribing to the 2004 Honda Accord RSS feed at:

With millions of auto recalls every year, the Justia Auto Recalls Center makes it easy to keep up with the latest vehicle defects and hazards. And by providing RSS feeds for each car's make, model and year, individuals can now track the recalls that are most important to them -- recalls for their cars.

"By delivering the latest product safety information to the general public with RSS feeds, the Justia Auto Recalls Center provides a valuable and easy-to-use service to consumers," says Justia CEO Tim Stanley. "Justia Auto Recalls is a free service the public can use to stay informed."

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Justia's mission is to make law and legal resources free for all. The Justia Portal ( offers free access to state and federal case law, codes, statutes, regulations, legal forms, business contracts, and secondary materials, as well as the Justia Lawyer Directory, Justia Ask A Lawyer, Justia Blawg Search, and other databases and community resources. To support these free law initiatives, Justia offers marketing solutions for law firms, including Justia Premium Placements in the Justia Lawyer Directory, law firm websites through Justia Elevate, and PPC management services through Justia Amplify.

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