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Justia Verdict Legal Analysis and Commentary Website Launched

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Justia (, a legal media and technology company that makes legal information freely available online, is proud to announce the launch of its new legal commentary site, Verdict (

Each weekday on Verdict, Justia columnists offer thoughtful, original and highly informed analysis of breaking news and developments in the law and politics.

Former White House Counsel John Dean, a best-selling author and regular on-air contributor to “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” at Current TV, explains the move to Justia: “I’ve been reading these columnists for a decade, and would have been doing so even if I was not one of their co-columnists. When FindLaw opted to leave the commentary business, I was determined to find a new home for our group. Justia immediately appreciated the value of keeping this group together and publishing their work online. This group has been cited by more law journals than any other online legal source, with its work making an appearance in judicial opinions as well.”

Verdict’s team features ten columnists: Vikram Amar, Neil H. Buchanan, Sherry F. Colb, John Dean, Michael C. Dorf, Joanna Grossman, Marci A. Hamilton, Julie Hilden, Joanne Mariner and Anita Ramasastry. This distinguished group includes nine former law clerks—among them four U.S. Supreme Court clerks—seven law professors and the director of a new college-level human-rights program. Their bios are available at

The Justia columnists are established experts across a broad range of legal subjects, including constitutional law, international human rights, new technologies, discrimination, family law, defamation, law and economics, consumer issues, child sexual abuse and animal rights. Recent columns have addressed such topical legal issues as the debt limit controversy and the Rupert Murdoch hacking scandal.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with this esteemed team of columnists,” says Justia CEO Tim Stanley. “No other legal commentary site can match the quality and depth of our bench on Verdict.”

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