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Justia Law Firm Websites and Blogs Achieve ADA Compliance

Mountain View, Calif.– Justia proudly announces that all Justia Marketing Solutions ( client websites and blogs have been updated to achieve compliance with ADA standards as set forth in developing jurisprudence, as well as the standards set forth by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

While accessibility compliance best practices are continuously evolving, this is an important milestone in increasing people living with disabilities’ access to lawyers specializing in various areas of the law.

To learn more about Justia law firm websites, please visit:

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Justia's mission is to make law and legal resources free for all. The Justia Portal ( offers free access to state and federal case law, codes, statutes, regulations, legal forms, business contracts, and secondary materials, as well as the Justia Lawyer Directory, Justia Ask A Lawyer, Justia Blawg Search, and other databases and community resources. To support these free law initiatives, Justia offers marketing solutions for law firms, including Justia Premium Placements in the Justia Lawyer Directory, law firm websites through Justia Elevate, and PPC management services through Justia Amplify.

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