Company Leadership

 - Company Leadership

Meet the people behind the company’s strategy and business operations. A group of devoted leaders who are passionate about free law, technology and legal marketing.

Leadership Team

Justia was founded on the simple premise that law should be free and accessible to all. Our experienced management team strives each day to connect people who need legal information and legal marketing services with the resources and help that they need.

Our Locations

Justia is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has a global operations center in Saltillo, Mexico, as well as offices in San Francisco, San Jose, and Walnut Creek, California.

Mountain View
Mountain View, California

1380 Pear Ave #2B
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: 650-810-1990

Operations Center
Saltillo, Mexico

Blvd. Galerias #381 Piso 5
Saltillo, Coahuila C.P. 25230
Phone: +52-844-134-2800

San Francisco
San Francisco, California
San Jose
San Jose, California
Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek, California
Justia Offices -  Lobby
Justia Offices - Operations area
Justia Offices - Training room
Justia Offices - Lounge area
Justia Offices - Open conference rooms
Justia Offices - Breakroom
Justia Offices - Building (from green area)
Justia Offices - Building (aerial view)