Justia Releases BlawgSearch.com Legal Blog and Legal Podcast Search Engine and Directory

Justia Company - Blawgsearch

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Justia, a legal media and technology company focused on making legal information, resources and services easy to find on the Internet, today announced the release of BlawgSearch.com, a search engine and directory of legal blogs, and Blawgs.fm, a search engine and directory of legal podcasts.

BlawgSearch.com includes a directory of over 1,000 editorially selected legal blogs, which are categorized by subject matter and locality. The BlawgSearch.com search engine enables sorting of results by relevance and posting date, and allows subscriptions to RSS feeds of the searches. BlawgSearch.com also includes daily, weekly, monthly and all time legal blog popularity rankings.

Blawgs.fm searches legal blog posts with multimedia files, and also includes a directory of legal podcasts and videocasts. Icons indicate the type of multimedia file and there is a flash player for audio files so visitors can quickly listen to particular posts within the search results.

"We are excited about launching these new resources for legal researchers," said Justia CEO Tim Stanley. "We are always looking for innovative ways to make legal information freely available and easy to find online." Legal bloggers and podcasters can suggest new blogs for inclusion in BlawgSearch.com by visiting the site and filling out the form.

About Justia

Justia ( http://www.justia.com ) provides online legal marketing solutions, including search-engine-optimized Web sites for law firms. Justia also works with academic institutions, public interest groups and other socially-focused organizations on educational and public interest projects.