Public Interest Projects


New Orleans Coalition for Legal Aid & Disaster Relief - Web site and blog for organization formed to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Formed by Tulane Law School faculty, students, alumni and other New Orleans and American lawyers.

Consumers for Civil Justice - Web site focused on medical malpractice and tort reform from a victims' perspective.

Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center - Recently updated and re-designed, this site contains a wealth of primary and secondary copyright and fair use resources. We've also included an extensive overview section from noted Nolo author Rich Stim and a section of sample copyright and fair use guidelines for librarians. The search is from Google as part of their program to help academic institutions.

Harvard Law School (HLS) High Tech Alumni Site - HLS alumni and high tech lawyer Tim Ehrlich joined forces with Justia and Alexander Macgillivray of Google, to develop an online directory of HLS alumni practicing IP law and/or working in the high-tech industry. Look for it soon at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. - Mary Minow's site on the cross section of libraries and law. Mary is also a contributing columnist to our Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center.

Justia Information Projects

US Supreme Court Cases - all the US Supreme Court cases from volume 1 onward. From Justia, Oyez and US Court Forms, as well as links to 100s of other Supreme Court information sources.

Auto Recall Center - recall information and RSS feeds for every car make, model and year.

Recall Warnings - Recall Warnings contains over 50,0000 consumer recalls collected from different US government agencies.